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Erica Craig

Studio Sessions

Some fresh inspiration to start 2013 off right! Here’s an inner peek at my life as a freelance graphic designer…

Simeon Tennant

Currently obsessed with this designer, can’t get enough of his illustrative style. Check him out,

Pssst… Jeff Rogers (@frogers) is a type genius! Check him out! 

(via prettyclever)

Works from the ever-fabulous Seb Lester.

My Days of the Week

Ok, so started a little trend on instagram #daysoftheweek… Basically you take elements from your day, arrange them neatly and tag them with the specific day of the week (#mymonday). Stoked it’s catching on and people are sharing the details of their everyday life! Simple yet interesting and inspiring. If you take a shot, tag me so I can see @ericaleecraig.


The Tiffany & Co. monogram… you know you’ve arrived (as a designer) when…

J’adore Louise Fili like type loves to be kerned. She is one of my favorite Designers of all time. Her typographic treatments are always delicate and very well considered. Her work is elegant, classic and pure with an underlying hint of femininity. 

Paper Cut Typography?!? So Sexy… Check out British Designer Julene Harrison!