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Erica Craig

Life in the 808

Hi’ilawe - John Cruz

I’ve replaced Christmas music with Hawaiian vibes this winter while being stuck on the mainland. I don’t even feel bad, not a bit. If you’ve never listened to Mr. Cruz’s music you should definitely give it a try! 'Island Style' is a Hawaiian treasure and also a real favorite.

Never take it for granted // A favorite of mine from summertime in Hawaii


Meet the hawaiian chevy lumina better known as Mucho Aloha. Purchased for $500 off a buddy who was having a hard time. Best money ever spent on this communal wonder. She’s a true maui cruiser through and through. Sure she may not make it up the hike to Haleakala no more but it is what it is. I’ve only ever met one guy on the island who’s got the same one… they just don’t die. Needless to say were friends for life now because of our lumina-connection. Simple is so much more fun than fancy. Thank you Mucho Aloha for being the raddest surf-cruiser ever! #vanlife

If i could live in this moment forever i would… // Waimoku Falls, Maui HI

One of my favorite shots from my little rock in the pacific // Slaughterhouse Beach, Maui HI

I live for the moments that remind me worldly possessions have no value // Banyan Tree, Maui HI

Favorite spot on earth… (Taken with Instagram at Haleakala Crater, Maui HI)

In desperate need of Waimoku at the moment… (Taken with Instagram at God’s Country)


Andy Irons, love this guys honesty. Bummer he’s not around anymore but glad the legend is still kept alive through his brother Bruce. Kauai’s finest.


Amazing Men // Laird Hamilton & The Irons Brothers // AI Forever

Homesick for Hawaii Nei // #mainlandfever #mauibuilt (Taken with Instagram at God’s Country)

Harsh mermaiding right here… (Taken with Instagram at God’s Country)

God’s Country // more takes from the sketchbook, nothing but love for the hawaiian islands

Finally got around to opening an ‘instacanvas’ check it out,