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Erica Craig

Solid jacket design by David Tanguy at Praline.

Here’s to the people of powder.


keep on thinkin’

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Concept: Astra
"The work is based on the port of Hamburg, and the marine life and the old stories of travel, mermaids and monsters that inhabit the sea."
Designed by Andrea Pagano

Friggin love Brent Couchman

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Simeon Tennant

Currently obsessed with this designer, can’t get enough of his illustrative style. Check him out,

Today’s inspiration…

Dripp Coffee

This brand has some serious style going on…

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I had to find some way of passing the time in SanFran airport once I discovered my flight to Maui had been canceled. It was a long night but I’m glad to have this piece at the end of it all.

Pssst… Jeff Rogers (@frogers) is a type genius! Check him out! 

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Latest piece - “Free to Roam”

Simon Alander

These are Tough Times

Sometimes I moonlight as an illustrator, gotta hustle.

This pretty much sums up why I admire @kylesteed. Couldn’t agree more with his thoughts and beliefs on creation and why we create. Humble & Altruistic. Check him out,