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Erica Craig

Little Secrets - Passion Pit


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Sleepyhead - Passion Pit


Latest piece - “Free to Roam”


"The funny thing about fairy tales, is that we forget about them so fast. And we grow up, we buy things, we build up fences. We sell our innocence and forget our dreams. We forget who we are in order to be something we’re not. And we’ll keep believing in this so called truths, until we forget how to live. Or until we open our eyes, and wake up."

This is the greatest trailer I have EVER seen. It gives me shivers. Perhaps it is my obsession with the ocean or my anti-establishment heart, but this grabs me! We have forgotten how to live and we need to wake up, we need a revolution of consciousness. Big up to Loic Wirth!

Personal sketches… a future tattoo for a friend.