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Erica Craig

Making beach shelters for Koakai Supply Co.

Life is too short to NOT be filling your days with the things you love…

Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.

Self portrait overlooking Vancouver, free to dream.

Studio Sessions

Some fresh inspiration to start 2013 off right! Here’s an inner peek at my life as a freelance graphic designer…


Thanks to goldfishkiss, I recently received some Consurfvation swag. I was totally oblivious to the label before but have completely fallen in love with it now. Created by a graphic designer, who’s a lover of the sea and produces the softest beach T’s around… whats not to love?! Not to mention it’s a socially responsible company that gives back. Since the Ocean is my biggest obsession in life I find it very fitting to ‘wear the cause.’ Pick up a shirt! You seriously will end up living in it!

"I’ve been here so long
Think that it’s time to move
The winter’s so cold
Summer’s over too soon
Let’s pack our bags and
Settle down where palm trees grow

I’ve got some friends
Some that I hardly know
We’ve had some times
I wouldn’t trade for the world
We chase these days down with talks
Of the places that we will go”

you can’t get any cooler than this…

more hugs less drugs.


You keep telling me I’m reckless but we’re just living our dreams // #youngwildandfree #vanlife (Taken with Instagram at God’s Country)


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This concept has driven me to take some crazy chances this summer and just enjoy living. I’ve met some amazing people and enjoyed every second of it. So here’s to the fearless wanderlust children in all of us! Go explore.

Definitely one of thee best summers of my life.. (Taken with Instagram at The Oregon Coast)