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Erica Craig

Roderick Laine Treece

This man is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. A true artist who has found a unique medium to get his ideas across. Take the time to watch this California craftsman make magic with his glass/gold leaf signage. His passion is contagious.


Solid jacket design by David Tanguy at Praline.

Only the imperfect can create. Hand rendered by Lee Crutchley

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Here’s to the people of powder.


Walkway Typeface

Words can’t express how much I adore this font family! 31 options and free, download from

Seriously missing the ‘Wild and Free’ tour… but at least I still have Mr. Marley’s music to carry me through. Keep spreading the #onelove revolution!

A little freestyle for my ladies new place… (Taken with Instagram at Vancity)


Earnst logo by bijdevleet.

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God’s Country // more takes from the sketchbook, nothing but love for the hawaiian islands

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Sad but true, if you have Mac your a ‘designer’ and if you own a SLR you must be a ‘photographer.’ Don’t quit your day job people.

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I had to find some way of passing the time in SanFran airport once I discovered my flight to Maui had been canceled. It was a long night but I’m glad to have this piece at the end of it all.

Pssst… Jeff Rogers (@frogers) is a type genius! Check him out! 

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