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Erica Craig

So this definitely happened last night… my buddy Joel decided to blow me away with some of his steel wool tricks. Result? Epic.

Photo shoot with Good Financial 

I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with some high school friends when asked to get some shots of their company for a publication. Let me just say that first off, nothing beats a family business. This father + son and wife duo’s experience spans over 60 years and three generations. If your located in the lower mainland and seeking financial services make sure you check out Good Financial.

It was a joy to spend some time shooting this couple in their home office and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. 

Here’s to the people of powder.


Never take it for granted // A favorite of mine from summertime in Hawaii

I live for the moments that remind me worldly possessions have no value // Banyan Tree, Maui HI


This was my first photo shoot for an athletic department. Came with it’s own set of challenges but I had a blast working with the WRCA athletes, such a rad group of people!

Here’s my favorite photo from the shoot of the graduating players. I got to have full creative freedom for this one. Can’t wait to see it on a double page spread in the catalog! I shot with the Canon D7 and used the 'Lowel Tota Trans Kit' for lighting. Being back in the gym sure made me miss the days where all I did was eat, sleep and breathe volleyball…

Finally got around to opening an ‘instacanvas’ check it out,

Personal sketches… a future tattoo for a friend.

We are the Brave Ones

I found a ton of old renderings of fonts from the start of my degree… this shot is my favorite. I just realized now we were supposed to only render the alphabet and I started rendering a short story about my obsession with the sea. What can i say, it is the love of my life.

A preview of my new ‘hand-made’ showcase portfolio. It was sure a lot of work but the end product was so worth it. A special thanks to Adam Beck for all of his help and talent with the assembly of this. It is nothing but textures galore. It is currently on display at the Pendulum Gallery for the GDMA degree show, but be expecting to see more photos of it in the future!


It’s time for another ‘personal project’ posting. This was my final project to end off my degree, it’s a new product line for ‘Thomas and Benjamin' and designed with a younger target audience in mind. Click through to check out SWAG.