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Erica Craig

Hi’ilawe - John Cruz

I’ve replaced Christmas music with Hawaiian vibes this winter while being stuck on the mainland. I don’t even feel bad, not a bit. If you’ve never listened to Mr. Cruz’s music you should definitely give it a try! 'Island Style' is a Hawaiian treasure and also a real favorite.


Coming to you from da red dirt west side of slow paced Moloka’i! Check out the home grown ukulele sounds of Sasha. My personal favorites are Peace iz a Fiya & Jah Roots



I have NEVER posted an animated gif, I guess it’s the designer in me that hates them so much. But this is a total exception! As mother ‘save the whales’ I felt totally compelled… plus this is just RAD.

You can get away with almost anything when you throw the Shaka

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Gotta love the 808 (@808allday)

Stayin’ true to my roots and supporting the local businesses, I’ve gotta fill you guys in on one of my favorite Hawaiian Brands, 808 ALL DAY. Fairly new to the scene, they’ve got some great (surf style) gear for you to live aloha, even on da mainland.