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Erica Craig


I have NEVER posted an animated gif, I guess it’s the designer in me that hates them so much. But this is a total exception! As mother ‘save the whales’ I felt totally compelled… plus this is just RAD.


An albino humpback whale? Is there anything more awe inspiring?! I haven’t had the chance to see this guy yet but my fingers are crossed. I have a serious obsession with the humpies for those of you that don’t know. But can you blame me? As a kid, when the whales would come into our beach (in Maui), I would tear down the stairs and try to get into the water as fast as I could so I could hear them. When you grow up with these guys in your backyard they become like siblings. And if you ever get to look one in the eye, it’s like staring into the eye of creation. Craziest and most moving thing I have ever experienced in my life! Extinction is forever and if we don’t preserve their habitat they won’t be around for future generations to enjoy. SAVE THE PLANET. And I think I’ve just justified my obsession, Jah Bless!