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Erica Craig


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so much love for moby-dick

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20,000 Leagues under the Sea

My biggest childhood crush? Ned Land (Kirk Douglas). I was obsessed (still am), but are you really surprised? Also, RAD MOVIE! Douglas was a fox!

J’adore this image! One of my all time favorites, enjoy.

Sailor Talk.


Probably my all-time favorite accessories brand hands down, the nautical undertone may have something to do with this. The craftsmanship of each piece is exquisite and it literally feels like your wearing pirates treasure. And besides that, Philip is just the friggin’ man! Check them out, order a piece (it’s not cheap but remember you get what you pay for). Quality, Craftsmanship and an Effortless Cool is the standard for GILES & BROTHER.

EVERYTHING Jon Contino touches turns to nautical gold.

I am a shipless sailor.

Designed by Vicky Newman

Hold Fast, the Last of the True - Designed by Jon Contino (@joncontino)