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Erica Craig

WRCA Annual Athletic Sponsorship Catalog

Here’s a look at my latest print piece. This was a beast of a project in which I played the roll of the creative director, photographer, stylist and did all of the production grunt work. It was a lot of work but nothing beats seeing your work held together by a perfect bind! See the full design explanation here.

Roderick Laine Treece

This man is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. A true artist who has found a unique medium to get his ideas across. Take the time to watch this California craftsman make magic with his glass/gold leaf signage. His passion is contagious.


Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.

Awesome work by Ryan Raschbaum

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Here’s to the people of powder.


keep on thinkin’

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where #calligraphy meets #graffiti… #calligraffiti // #design #typography

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more hugs less drugs.


Totally feeling these fonts, with the exception of Trajan… it’s just not on my ‘most used’ list.

Walkway Typeface

Words can’t express how much I adore this font family! 31 options and free, download from

Seriously missing the ‘Wild and Free’ tour… but at least I still have Mr. Marley’s music to carry me through. Keep spreading the #onelove revolution!